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Any advice would be much appreciated. I have a 2004 Yamaha raptor 660. Someone has messed with the wiring for the cooling fan and the temp sensor and ran a toggle switch so they could turn the fan on and off manually. I don’t like that so I’m trying to put it back to factory but the spliced wires together and now I don’t know what wire goes to what. i just got my warrior about 3 months ago and it was doing something similar it would idle good but then as soon as you gave it any gas it bogged down really bad and you could barely give it enough gas to get it into gear without stalling. you might want to try unplugging the parking brake sensor it helped me.

Raptor 660 keeps stalling

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I also want to know why it would haw a slow gas leak when it is sitting and the gas is off? 660 keeps skiping / jumping time. 03 Limited Edition Raptor Hot Rods 720cc Stroker, Megacycle x-4 cam, Sparks 6X Big Core Exhaust, 35mm Keihin FCR's. Any advice would be much appreciated. I have a 2004 Yamaha raptor 660.


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I just replaced Yamaha Rhino Performance Discussions. 9; 6K Carb Jetting Trouble on Newly Built Engine 18 Apr 2017 Today was the first day i took it into the woods and for some reason for about 10 min or so it kept stalling and when i go to start it it started very  2001 Yamaha 660 Raptor Engine Rebuild Exhcange. Rebuilt Engine Exchange.

Raptor 660 keeps stalling

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Give us some history on your ownership of this quad and its symptoms. I bought this raptor for next to nothing. It runs good and is in need of a little TLC. One problem I noticed is that when I turn to the left it stalls like it ran out of gas (check the fuel level dummy) 3/4 tank. I removed, cleaned, and reinstalled the carbs and it still does the same thing Any advice would be much appreciated. My quad was back firing and stalling.The rubber boot that connects the carb to the cylinder had a slit in it. I tried to fix it with rubber cement but didn' it sounds like it is definitely lean, stock jets and a slip on would cause that and make it run hot.

Raptor 660 keeps stalling

Verified. hi it sounds like your needle and seat is sticking open.possible dirt or gunk in carb need to remove and give a good cleaning of carb.and remove your petcock and check if the screen is broken (on the bottom of tank) and allowing dirt paritcals into carb. 2005 660 raptor will idle fine but won't accelerate.Starts right up.It had set for 2 yrs,I cleaned the carbs,checked the intake valves,ok,and replaced the spark plug. Also checked sealing of air intak … read more I have a 2008 700 eps, keeps stalling at low rpm or just when i touch the trotle. I have a k&n air filter and pipe tip. Also some one told me to buy a odyssey battery (pc545) still didn't fix the problem. There is only 240km on the machine, didn't bring it back to yammaha yet for its first 660 04 raptor hit puddle stalled me out wouldnt start after hit puddle started back fireing then stalled out no - Yamaha 2004 XT 660 R question My 2004 yamaha raptor 660 keeps bogging down when i give it gas.
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Raptor 660 keeps stalling

it runs well if your riding then all of a sudden it will run rough and then stall. HI I have a Raptor 660 2003.. Im having a problem of the engine staling out when i Ride it.. I turn it on and it sounds fine now when I take it out and rev it up it starts choking and starts dieing on meIt doesnt do this all the time. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators My quad was back firing and stalling.The rubber boot that connects the carb to the cylinder had a slit in it.

Try running the engine and pushing the lever into the perch to see of the problem goes away.
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You might also look for wires that are bare. Let it die, keep it held to the left and see if it will start or has spark. It might be the engine controls on the bars. If there is no clunking in the 2nd gear slip issue, it is probably the clutch.

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You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. View and Download Yamaha RAPTOR YFM660RP owner's manual online. RAPTOR YFM660RP offroad vehicle pdf manual download. A forum community dedicated to Yamaha Raptor ATV owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about troubleshooting, classifieds, performance, modifications, maintenance, and more! Share more about your favorite model including the: Yamaha Raptor 700, Raptor 660, Raptor 350, Raptor 250 as well as the smaller Raptor 50, 80 and 90.